Downdraft Booth

Downdraft Booth

Downdraft booth Theses are popularly knows as large paint booths. almost 20 % of the industry uses this kind of spary booth .The basic advantage of these type of booth is they can accommodated any kind of machinery , jobs of products for painting. These downdraft spray booths are used in all kinds of fields namely in

1) Furniture industry for painting of assembled wardrobes & assembled beds etc

2) Automobile sector for painting of cars , buses , trucks , locomotives , railways etc

3) Fabrication industry for painting of Gas chambers , large oil vessels , large water tankers etc

云南11选5开奖结果最快 4) Construction field for painting of Concrete vessels , large pipe lines& structures etc

5) Aerospace field for painting of air crafts , airplanes , helicopters etc

6) Alternative power industry for painting of transformers , generators , windmill blades , alternators etc

Autocoat experience gives lot of downdraft spray booths options while deciding large dry downdraft booth or water type downdraft booth. Autocoat engineering selection charts and engineers teach the right methods while choosing a large downdraft paint booth or small downdraft booth.

When the Product is of large size and unable to handle many times for painting purpose , downdraft booth comes as a perfect solution. Autocoat has supplied many of such booths in India . Once product parameters are been decided and the type of painting and paint is been fixed , we have a solution for our customers to either go for a dry downdraft spray booth or wet downdraft paint booth.

A) Extraction Chamber This the part of the booth which is present on either both sides of the paint booth or on only one side of the spray booth . Depending of the paint consumptions and method of painting Autocoat provides side type downdraft spray booth or civil type downdraft booth .

云南11选5开奖结果最快i) Dry downdraft booth-

Here in the extraction chamber like the side draft booth , a large number of metal baffles are provided on booth sides of the extraction zones . These baffles are set batch wise in group of one or two to give maximum elimination of paint waste spray. These baffles are manufactured & placed in such a way that it can carry maximum kgs of paint waste and allows only cleaner air to pass through. The metal baffles creates high resistance between the plates for the air easy difficult passage there by making the paint pigments stick to the metal plates . Cleaning of our downdraft spray booths are very easy and fast . A small set of paint arresting filters then act as a final barrier to the lightest paint dust before exiting the paint booths exhaust system.Our dry downdraft spray booths are been tested & certified by our clients and are in agreement with the latest pollution norms and OSHA standards.

Our other specially designed downdraft booth with civil pit construction model is very popular in heavy engineering industry & Truck painting facilities. These paint booths contain an entirely different working style with heavy grating design , path way for trolley or truck body , ventured suction , back pull out centrifugal blowers etc. Downdraft Booth

ii) Wet downdraft booth Here in the washing chamber or the exhaust chambers are provided on both sides of the downdraft painting booth or bellow the booth under the civil floor . The washing chambers have a higher build capability as it has to withstand long hours of splashing water . Splashing water creates more corrosion effect , Autocoat water wash downdraft booths are built with higher mild steel thickness , heavy duty framings , thick base plates and water curtain facilities.

Our spray booths with reputed make blowers with centrifugal suction and high water gauge pressure is capable of handling any kind of waste paint whether polyurethane type , enamel paint , thick lacquer type , quick drying paints , sticky paints , hard drying paints etc. Our water downdraft paint booths are also capable to handle latge liters of paint consumptions without getting chocked easily. Our site engineers give a long hands on working trials and trainings to the customer painters for easy maintenance and cleaning of the paint booth.

B) Painting area This is common area where the painting operation is been done . The painting operations is been carried out by spray guns . The Component being large in shape and size is normally considered immovable , therefore the product remains stationary and the painter is supposd to move around the product while painting it . . Autocoat Engineering has made the painting very easy with a large number of material handling systems , Overhead handling , trolley handling , jigs , fixtures for handling of the component to be painted as well as platforms , scissor lifts , travelling , 3d platforms for the painter to enhance his painting speed . The painting area of a side draft paint booth is same for a water wash downdraft paint or dry downdraft spray booth. For very specialized material handling and operator benefits Autocoat has tie up with a company from China namely M/s Guangdong Jingzhongjing. Thsese devices are far superior when compared to Indian methods of material handling for spray painting.

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C) Working云南11选5开奖结果最快 The movement of air or the air draft does not travels from one side of the spray booth to other , As the draft of air is from top of the spray booth to either booth of the booth or sides of the booth. In both water type downdraft spray booth and dry downdraft booth the flow of air is similar, only the extraction of paint waste is different. In such downdraft booths, all sides of the booth are totally closed and only the top is open for the air draft. Either this air is normal factory air or filtered air from a fresh air supply unit, depending on the kind of paint finish required by the customer. Autocoat has manufactured all kinds of downdraft paint booths with different designs depending on product analysis. Along with paint booths air replacement units for dust free downdraft booths are regular selling products of Autocoat.

Downdraft Booth

D) Diagram e Shows the working of downdraft booth airflow design

E) Special dry downdraft spray booths Autocoat Engineering I Pvt ltd has served in the painting booth and surface finishing technology for almost 35 years, due a long list of repeat and new customers we often receive enquires for low cost downdraft paint booths or garage spray booths. The specialty in these spray booths is that they have painting facility and as well have inbuilt drying facility. Changing of air modes and dampers gives a quick air heating in the paint booth. These are one if our fast selling products and are used by customers where the paint consumption are low, and even low painting works. The products painted from these imported downdraft booths are practically dust free and paint finish is extremely well