Spray Paint booth/Spray Painting booth

Spray Paint Booth

spray paint booths are widely known as spraying equipment used to give better paint finish to any product .also as per law it is objectionable to spray paint booths in open area as it leads to serious operator health hazards. depending on kind of finish requirement ultra paint finish or standard paint finish, spray booths are divided in to two major categories water wash spray booth & dry spray paint booth.

SPRAY painting  BOOTH How is waste spray created in a spray Paint booth? Autocoat Engineering is specialized in the manufacturing of both types of Spray painting booth. The kind of work a spray paint booth云南11选5开奖结果最快 is expected to do is to suck all bad paint polluted air, over sprayed paint particles , thinner into the suction chamber from the painting area zone . Painting area zone is the exact place where painting of the product or component is been done with the help of spray painting guns. Once spray with the thinner mixture releases the spray gun, the paint mixture now reaches the product giving it an even coat all over .During this spraying operation some percentage of atomized paint spray tries to escape either in unused condition or due to rebounded effect of spray.

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SPRAY paint BOOTH How can waste spray create Bad paint finish if there is no Spray booth or paint booth? When a paint is been applied by spraying method a large volume of paint fumes and paint dust is been created , if there is no spray booth then this waste spray tends to float in air and flows within the factory building with the air currents . Spray paint dust settles on all walls and floor of the factory area, it can also settle on the other equipments in the surrounding. When a cycle of products are been painted one after the other, the previous paint now tends to settle on the freshly painted parts creating a bad finish. A rightly selected spray booth from Autocoat engineering would give the right velocities while painting as per the latest modern international standards, also the blower suction pressure of the spary booth would ensure all unwanted waste fumes to leave the painting area zone immediately within couple of minutes after fumes are been produced


Wrong paint finish due to lose atmospheric dust and no spray booth Dust is seen all over in the factory area of different microns, some small in sizes some with large sizes. Wrongly designed spray booths or fabrication shops with not spray paint booth facility are unable to give good paint spray finish as the local dust settles on the painted parts .When the components dry with the use paint curing oven or ambient, these dust particles can be felt on the painted layer of the products, spray booth would ensure elimination of these dust particles, thereby creating a clean environment for painting

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SPRAY paint BOOTH SPRAY Painting  BOOTH During any kind of spray painting operation it is necessary to keep a thorough check on operator health and safety. Spray painting booth manufactured by Autocoat Engineering are tested thoroughly in our factory to ensure the performance of the blowers used in our spray painting booths. The suction capacities, velocities, pressures, currents thoroughly monitored before any spray painting booth is dispatched from the factory. Operator or Spray Painters health related sessions along with subordinated working near the painting zone are been trained by Autocoat trainers. Training and schedules regarding spray paint booth cleaning, with manuals are been supplied to ensure trouble free operations. Operator mask to be used during painting operation. Spray painting booth to be in line with latest pollution laws. Pollution Laws are getting stricter day by day, concern over people working in the painting area and concerns over outside environment where the paint particle leave the spray painting booth exhaust into atmosphere are major on date issues. If a spray paint booth not rightly designed and not up to the required standards if used in a factory for painting operation, can create more environmental hazards similar to having no spray paint booth. Autocoat Engineering dry filter spray painting booth ensure triple screening of the paint particles before leaving into atmosphere from the spray exhaust chamber, thus ensuring maximum paint waste in the extraction chambers of the spray painting booth. Similarly water wash spray booths manufactured by Autocoat create high velocity tornado of water in tank and triple layers of eliminators ensure waste spray in the washing chamber itself .